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(하마터면) A.V. + ㄹ/을 뻔하다 => "almost," "nearly," "a close call"

(하마터면) A.V. + ㄹ/을 뻔하다 
=> "almost," "nearly," "a close call"
When used with 하마터면, this construction intensifies the near occurrence of an event that could have happened.

  • 못 알아볼 뻔했다.
    => I almost didn't recognize you.
  • 교차로에서 사고가 날 뻔했다.
    => I nearly had an accident at the crossroads.
  • 하마터면 비행기를 놓칠 뻔했다.
    => I almost missed the airplane.
  • 차 사고가 나서 하마터면 죽을 뻔했다.
    => I almost died because of the car accident.

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